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HereSphere Setup Guide

Great news! If you thought that your BadoinkVR viewing experience couldn’t possibly get any better, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can now watch your favorite VR porn videos with HereSphere! HereSphere takes your immersive experience to the next level. You’ve never experienced VR like this before!

HereSphere takes you to new heights with an autofocus depth algorithm, head-tracking spatial audio, software IPD adjustment capabilities, lens distortion and alignment corrections, online video streaming, and advanced video tagging features. The quality is truly unmatched.

HereSphere is compatible with MetaQuest devices and PCVR via Steam, where you can also download it. We recommend using Steam if you’re a PCVR user! For more information about future compatibility with other devices, look here.

What is the HereSphere VR Video Player?

HereSphere opens up the world of VR immersion experience to fully new features. With Heresphere VR, you can watch incredibly accurate projection of equirectangular and fisheye videos while the software matches your unique IPD and head orientation. Not to mention, it supports motion controllers, gamepads, keyboards, and your favorite mouse. The customization options are endless!

Where can I get HereSphere?

The process to get started with HereSphere may seem daunting, but we promise it’s worth it. If you decide that HereSphere is for you, and you’re a MetaQuest user, follow these steps to get started:

How to set up your headset to get ready to use HereSphere:

  • Login to your Meta account or create one if you don’t have it (
  • Go to and log in with your Oculus account.
  • Complete the process and verify your oculus developer account by using a credit card and a phone number as a security method (2FA).
  • In the Org Manager panel, create a name for a new organization. Once you have entered your name, select submit.
  • Now you are ready to enable developer mode on your Quest, but for this, you need your smartphone or tablet.
  • Install and open the Meta Quest app, log in, and sync your device with the app.
  • In the app, go to Headset Settings, then click on Developer Mode. Then activate.
  • This concludes the configuration of your headset.

How to install SideQuest:

In order to use HereSphere, you must first install SideQuest.

  • Go to “Get SideQuest” and choose the Advanced Installer. Download for Windows, and choose the best option for your operating system.
  • Click on it once it’s downloaded, and it will open in a new window.
  • Go to and click the “download” button, a compressed file will be downloaded.
  • Unzip the downloaded package to extract the files
  • Open the folder and search for the file “android_winusb.inf”
  • Right click on the .inf name file, a shortcut menu will appear, and select Install.

How to install HereSphere:

  • Go to SideQuest on your computer and search HereSphere in the web browser through Click on "download app (",which will bring you to the page for HereSphere. Scroll down to purchase or download a demo.
  • After downloading the demo, connect your headset to your computer with a USB cable. On your headset, you need to: 1) Allow USB debugging and 2) Allow access to data. This allows SideQuest to detect your headset.
  • On SideQuest, go to the toolbar in the top right corner and choose the icon of a folder with an arrow pointing down.
  • After clicking this, you will find the APK file from HereSphere.
  • Click on the file to complete the installation.

How to start using HereSphere:

  • Go to the App Library, click on the drop-down list in the top right corner, and choose the last option “Unknown Sources.”
  • Then, you will see HereSphere appear. Click to open it.

How to stream BadoinkVR using HereSphere:

  • On the left menu, click on the web browser, and enter
  • To open the video library, click on the following icon.
  • Without logging in, only the trailer library will be displayed. Enter your user account credentials to display the video library.
  • Next, select a video, and the video will automatically start playing. Once the video is playing, you can access all the features of HereSphere. Enjoy!