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How to setup Meta Quest Pro


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How to setup Meta Quest Pro


Released in late 2022, the Meta Quest Pro is the next step in the former Oculus brand's evolution. Meta launched this high-end model to help more businesses navigate their daily operations toward the commercial side of the metaverse. Alternatively, you can use the Quest Pro's excellent features to blow off a little steam with us at BaDoinkVR. After all, you deserve a little joy after plopping down the $1,500 launch price for this exquisite unit.

For that sum, Meta packs the Quest Pro with a color spectrum that offers you 75% greater contrast. The headset's lens technology also folds light inside the module, enabling a 40% slimmer optical stack. Also, the unit's self-tracking controllers deliver TruTouch haptic feedback. These become extensions of your body in the Quest Pro's VR experience.

With just these three examples from the Meta Quest Pro's array of features, you can already imagine the positive impact this premium headset will have on your immersive BaDoinkVR life.

1. Setting up the Headset

It's easy to learn how to setup a Meta Quest Pro. You only need a broadband connection, your smartphone and a few minutes.

The Meta Quest Pro arrives fully charged from the factory. You just need to unbox it. With all of the box's contents removed, hold down the headset's Power button for three seconds. Meta's logo will appear inside the headset, and a chime will sound.

Next, place the unit's controllers on your wrists. The adjustable straps will give a secure fit. A button with three lines on it powers up the left controller, and a button displaying an oval engages the right one. Hold each of these for about two seconds. When you feel a haptic response in your hands and wrists, the controllers are live.

Your first Meta Quest Pro experience will be a short tutorial that helps you connect to Wi-Fi and select your language. After that, you will want to adjust the headset for a comfortable fit before you dive into a full BaDoinkVR session. With the headset placed safely on your head, adjust the fit wheel in the unit's rear. Seek a simultaneously secure and comfortable fit.

The Meta Quest Pro also features a tilt wheel on the top of the unit. Use this to tune the fit and the distance between the unit's lenses. You'll find a fit tutorial in Quest Pro's interface if you need assistance.

Now, you can take off the headset while you pair it with the Meta Quest app for your Android or iPhone. Of course, this process begins with an online stop at Google Play or Apple's App Store.